Solving the Multiple Protocol and Network Problem

There are thousands of different Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocols, each with their own particular flavour, requiring different integrations and enabling a wide variety of use cases each.

Many are being used in different contexts: publicly and decentralized across users the world over, within enterprises inside firewalls, and between related parties in consortium setups.

This presents some problems for businesses looking to take advantage of the DLT ecosystem - which protocol should the organisation invest its time and money in? How will it be deployed - should we connect to a public network or create our own private ledger?

To remove this unnecessary headache, Stronghold presents the concept of a 'Venue'. Each venue is defined as a combination of two key facets describing the implementation and deployment of a DLT:

  1. Protocol
  2. Context

The combination of the above will lead to a determination of the venue's capabilities, which influence which Stronghold Platform features are available for use.


The Protocol describes the implementation of a DLT: what 'language' the ledger speaks and the rules agreed on by its participants. Some examples of protocols include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Quorum
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • Corda
  • PostgreSQL

You might notice that 'PostgreSQL' is not actually a DLT. While Stronghold is known for operating with DLTs the Stronghold Platform allows the use of a wide variety of underlying protocols to be describing a particular venue.

The Stronghold Platform also takes into account the version of the Protocol as well as any activated upgrades or 'hard forks' that have occurred.


While the Protocol describes the language and rules of the DLT, the Context speaks to how that particular DLT is operating in the network. The broad categories are:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Consortium (private within a group of related businesses)

More complexity can be introduced, for example, where a public network is run with a group of accounts that have authorization to restricted resources that the public majority does not. A separate sub-venue could be defined over this subset of the total network.

Standard Venues

Stronghold defines two standard venues. Approval is required to access these.

sandbox-public - A private Stellar network used for Stronghold Platform API integration and testing.

trade-public - The public Stellar network

Customers can define their own venues to access various DLT/other ledger data.